Amy Roloff Shocking News!

After her ex-husband’s shocking betrayal, Amy Roloff will be taking the final word.

The tiny person matriarch, 52, recently told fans that she’s writing an e-book!

“It is an excellent day to create something and write about something crazy,” she posted on her personal Facebook. “It’s something to ponder.”

“Words are powerful. My goal is to make use of them in a way that impacts others.”

She published several cookbooks in 2012, and released a tome in family lessons alongside ex-husband Matt in 2008, and now she’s eager to create her private tell-all.

Supporters of her TLC Real Truth show know she’ll certainly have a great deal to say.

As we previously reported, the star’s ex Matt, 55, has been flaunting his new romance with his personal assistant, Caryn Chandler, 49 – who was previously Amy’s friend!

The divorcee was blindsided by the pairing, and soon after, she slammed the partnership as “hurtful.”

Regardless of the shock, Amy has shifted from the drama to get into a relationship with property manager beau Chris Marek, 54.

She says her next step is to start providing wedding catering services to the citizens of Miami. What a shift in priorities!

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