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Brad Pitt is so dedicated to his fresh sobriety that he’s been attending Alcoholics Anonymous meetings!

In what could be a last-ditch effort to win back estranged wife Angelina Jolie, Pitt announced in a recent interview with GQ that he’d quit alcohol half a year ago.

In addition, he’s been quietly going to AA meetings in Malibu.

An insider told us, “He recently attended a men’s group that meets on the Geronimo Road.”

“He sits in the back seat and he pulls his cap right down, so he doesn’t draw focus to himself,” the insider said.

“He hasn’t shared his side of the story,” the insider said, “but that’s understandable.”

And he’s already accumulating friends in the group. Said the source, “He’s friendly to anyone who’s approached him to wish him luck. He’s incredibly humble and gracious and can simply give you thanks; this means a lot.”

We found out in February that Pitt had opted into treatment for his addiction issues.

A source said at that time that he’d spent $15,000 on a five-night sober retreat in Casa Del Mar in Santa Monica.

When he was there, he reportedly attended a Narcotics Anonymous group gathering on January 22. NA is certainly a mutual help gathering equivalent to AA, but focused on drug use more than alcohol.

Another insider claimed, “Brad hopes his newfound clarity and sobriety can help mend his relationship with Angelina.”

“He’s in an improved place now.”

“He’s grateful for all the support from his friends and even strangers. It’s certainly a weight off his shoulders.”

Pitt, 53, admitted in the GQ interview, “We stopped taking everything except alcohol when we started building our family.”

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